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Steam Boiler

The Steam Boiler is having steam generation capacity 2,000Kg/hr F & A l00 oC at a steam pressure of 10 – 12Kg/cm2  The Boiler shell & tube unit is made of 16mm thick M.S. plate & boiler quality tube BS-3059, Part-II. Feed water enters in wet back design; Three pass flue gas for best utilization of heat for better fuel economy. Water level is controlled  by float controller, wet steam generated; finally wet steam passes through super heater and delivers dry saturated steam.

Feed Water Pump:
the boiler water feed pump is reciprocating type having inlet, outlet, and safety by-pass nozzles delivery pressure of 25kg/cm2  driven by electric Motor by 'v' belt and pulley mounted in a common base frame.Two no feed water pump one is running other is standby.

Boiler Mountings & Accessories:
Double post safety valve, Steam Pressure Gauge, Blow down Valve, Feed check Valve, Steam Stop Valve, Steam by-pass Valve, Water Level Controller etc, Water Level Gauge Glass.

Control Panel:
Made of 16SWG MS sheet wall mounted- sleek finish dust & vermin proof elegant look incorporated with neatly and clearly arranged instrumentation-operating press buttons and indicating lamps-ensures total safety, easy operation & trouble shooting. Starter for two no water feed pump motor with auto monitoring of required water level with burner cut off system in case of extreme low water level, Starter for dual fuel Burner with oil / gas change over switch,
Steam Pressure Switch, indicating lamps, Hooter.

Dual Fuel Burner:
Fully automatic pressure jet mono block double stage LPG cum HSD fired Burner complete with blower, motor, fuel pump, coupling, ignition transformer, solenoid valve for oil, solenoid valve for gas, nozzles, nozzle block assembly, air pressure switch, ignition electrodes, combustion cone, diffuser disc, photocell, flame viewer, ionization probe, air damper with control knob, terminal block oil hose pipes, gas hose pipes.

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